Spay and Neuter
Small Animal
Spay and Neuter

At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we offer highly competitive rates for the spaying or neutering of cats and dogs. Every patient will receive a pre-surgical exam and anesthesia monitoring by one of our veterinary technicians during the entire procedure. In addition, all dogs and cats will receive pain medication. All female animals and male canines will also receive a complimentary IV catheter placed prior to surgery. Unless requested by the owner, our surgery patients are discharged the same day.

Is it really important to spay/neuter my pet?
Unaltered animals are at a higher risk of serious health and behavior problems. Females can be at risk for mammary cancer, emergency pyometras, unwanted pregnancies and the expensive complications that can accompany these conditions. Males are at a higher risk for testicular cancer and prostate problems as well as many behavioral issues.

At what age can I spay/neuter my pet?
It is generally recommended to alter your dog or cat around the age of 4-6 months except for special situations for certain breeds, gender and lifestyle. Our veterinarians would be happy to discuss your pet’s situation with you and come up with a timeframe that is best for your pet’s overall health.