Dental Services
Dental Services

Potlatch Veterinary Clinic is able to come out to your farm, ranch, or stables and perform equine teeth floats or dentals. Our veterinarians use PowerFloat equine dental equipment to efficiently perform your horse’s dental procedure. This procedure requires your horse to be sedated for a short amount of time in order for your horse to receive a complete oral examination.

How often should my horse have its teeth floated?
Horses’ teeth continuously grow throughout their life. As many horses age, their teeth overgrow or misalignments cause some sections of teeth to form painful points. Therefore, many horses benefit from yearly dentals or teeth floats.

What are signs that my horse needs to have a dental procedure or float?
One of the classic signs that your horse may have some abnormal teeth and would benefit from a teeth float is dropping hay or feed and trouble eating. Another sign would be discomfort when bit is in mouth, when previously the horse had been fine with the bit. If you notice abnormalities in chewing or eating, we recommending contacting a veterinarian to have your horse evaluated and possibly have a dental float performed.