General Wellness
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General Wellness

At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we are passionate about keeping your pet healthy. We believe that a foundation of education and practicing preventative medicine are the best strategies for providing your pet with a long and healthy life. Some of these preventative medicine tools include vaccinations, parasite control and maintaining a healthy diet.

Wellness and Preventative Care

At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we believe that the best way to provide your pet with a healthy and happy life is to address their overall wellness proactively.


At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we are always excited and willing to help educate pet owners on the recommended vaccines for their pet’s lifestyle.

Parasite Control

Parasites can cause many problems for an animal and their owner.  Examples of parasites include ticks, fleas, GI worms, heartworm, and mites.


Did you know that the buildup of yellow to brown tartar on your pet’s teeth, smelly breath, and red or swollen gums is a sign of dental disease?


A microchip is a small electronic chip that is placed under the skin of an animal that can be activated by a handheld scanner to transmit a unique identification number.

Health Certificates

Whenever an animal leaves the state where they were born or currently reside, they must obtain a health certificate, otherwise known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Diet and Nutrition

Whether a new kitten or puppy or an old friend, examining our pet’s diet with the help of a medical professional can be beneficial, ensuring that we are providing the best nutrition.