General Wellness
Large Animal
General Wellness

Potlatch Veterinary Clinic is equipped to come out to your farm, ranch, or homestead and provide wellness services for your livestock and other animals. Whether it is vaccination protocols, deworming, or diet consultations, our veterinarians can help you make a plan for your herd or individual livestock animal.

Wellness and Preventative Care

At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we believe that the best way to provide your horse or farm animal with a healthy, happy and productive life is to address their overall wellness proactively.


At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we can help meet all of your livestock vaccinations goals. From discussing your unique situation to developing a proper vaccine protocol for the different species.

Parasite Control

Be it cat or cow, pig or pug, all animals can carry a host of internal and/or external parasites. Examples of parasites include ticks, fleas, GI worms, heartworm, and mites.