Health Certificates
Health Certificates

Whenever an animal leaves the state where they were born or currently reside, they must obtain a health certificate, otherwise known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), that is issued by an accredited veterinarian. All of our veterinarians here at Potlatch Veterinary Clinic are accredited in both the state of Idaho and the state of Washington to be able to serve clients in both states.

What kind of animals need a health certificate?
Whether they are a pet dog or cat, an equine (horse, donkey or mule) or another farm animal (cow, goat, sheep, llama, alpaca, yak, pig, buffalo, rabbit etc.), most animals will require a CVI to travel.

When does my animal need a health certificate?
Anytime your animal leaves the state in which it resides, it will need a health certificate. Oftentimes, certain events, even if they occur within the state that the animal resides, will also require health certificates such as livestock fairs and rodeos, dog shows or competitive events, or boarding animals at certain facilities.

Does my animal need anything in addition to the CVI?
Most likely! The requirements for any animal will vary depending on state of destination, species, gender, age and mode of transportation. Whether that is just a rabies vaccination for your pet dog or additional testing, such as an EIA blood test (Coggins) for equines, we at Potlatch Veterinary Clinic can help you determine what you and your animal will need.

What health certificate options do you have for Equines?
For horses, donkeys and mules, we offer 30 day health certificates and digital 6 month Extended Equine Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (EECVIs). For more information visit the GVL (GlobalVetLink) website at