Orthopedic Surgery
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Orthopedic Surgery

At Potlatch Vet Clinic we are able to offer select orthopedic surgery procedures for your pets, including FHO (for hip displacements) and limb amputations when necessary. Our veterinarians are also happy to discuss and refer you to regional orthopedic specialists for more advanced orthopedic surgeries.

What can I do if my pet dislocates their hip?
Replacement (pending time frame), FHO, and a total hip replacement are all possible options for dislocated hips. If you are concerned that your pet may have a dislocated hip, please schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to confirm and discuss options.

How do animals do with limb amputation?
Good! Animals typically tolerate the procedure well. Animals are normally able to still run, jump, and play after they recover from an amputation.