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Potlatch Veterinary Clinic is located in the heart of downtown Potlatch, Idaho, 1.9 miles from the “Y” (Hwy 95 and Hwy 6 intersection), at the corner of Larch St. and Sixth St. We are across the street from Red Fir Coffee House and neighbors with Cody Jo’s Wagon Wheel and Idaho’s Best Homes and Land office. We have reserved handicap parking and entrance as well.

Welcome to Potlatch Veterinary Clinic! We are happy to serve you and your pet. While you wait for your appointment to start, you are welcome to sit in one of our partitioned off waiting areas. This affords you and your pet a bit more comfort and separation from other animals that may be in the Reception area. This is just one of the design choices we implemented to try to provide your pet with a Fear Free veterinary environment. Others options that were implemented include a Fear Free color scheme and acoustical ceiling tiles that help dampen noises that may be jarring to your pet.


While awaiting your appointment, you can also browse our retail area with products recommended by our veterinarians or help yourself to a complimentary beverage. Don’t want to wait inside? We have a lovely porch from which you can watch downtown Potlatch bustle about.

At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we have two examination rooms for meeting with you and your pet. Both are equipped with their own scale so your pet can be weighed in the comfort of a private, enclosed space. Have a large dog? Our exam tables fold up and out of the way to give you and your pet the space you need to feel comfortable.


The treatment area at Potlatch Veterinary Clinic is the hub where many aspects of patient care occur. Patients that are staying with us are in full view of the medical staff at all times for complete observation for their stay. For our more shy guests, we have separate, quieter accommodations in one of our offices with a staff member.  The treatment area has two treatment tables, a well-stocked pharmacy and a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory which allows for a wide range of care to be provided.


At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic we have a dedicated Surgery Suite for our small animal patients’ medical needs. Our operating room is on its own, separate air supply and conditioning system ensuring that your pet’s procedure is done in sterile conditions. Equipped with top-of-the-line anesthesia machines and monitors that continuously track the patient’s vitals (including heart rate, EKG, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, temperature and carbon dioxide level), we make your pet’s health our top priority.

When imaging diagnostics are needed for your pet’s medical case, we are able to provide the tools here, at Potlatch Veterinary Clinic. We have a variety of x-ray systems including our in-house digital radiography table system, a mobile digital x-ray and a system specific to taking dental radiographs. We also have two ultrasound units, an in-house system with color Doppler and a mobile unit for going into the field.

For animals that require hospitalization due to an infectious pathogen, we are fully equipped to meet that need here, at Potlatch Veterinary Clinic. Our Isolation room allows for complete separation from the rest of the clinic while still remaining completely in view of the medical staff due to specially designed full glass doors to the room and the kennels as well as video and audio monitoring. The kennels themselves were designed for ease of complete sterilization in between patients and the room is equipped with its own powerful air exhaust system for maintaining a negative air pressure. Thus, the room’s air cannot be recycled back into the rest of the clinic keeping all of our healthy patients healthy! Whether your pet is here for a quick wellness check or something more serious, our patients’ health is our top concern.