Herd Health Consultation
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Herd Health Consultation

Are you looking to start a small homestead with animals and don’t know where to begin? Are you an established producer but want to make sure you stay current with the best, most economical strategies for animal care? At Potlatch Veterinary Clinic, we offer consultation services to help guide our clients in developing and reaching their production goals. Working one-on-one with a veterinarian, there are numerous topics that we can advise our clients on. Some examples might include, but are not limited to:

What vaccination protocol should I use for my herd?
This depends on your herd dynamics. Together we can discuss and design a protocol to fit your operation. We can discuss killed versus modified-live vaccines, mingled versus closed herd, etc. Also, we can perform Brucellosis (Bangs) vaccinations for female cattle or bison. Contact us today for a herd health consultation.

What if I want to sell raw milk?
Idaho Small Herd Exemption Program. This requires annual TB (tuberculosis) testing on your cows and/or goats by an accredited veterinarian. Goats also require annual blood testing for brucellosis by an accredited veterinarian.

I am interested in an AI protocol for my cattle. What protocol should I use?
There are a number of available protocols. Which protocol to use for your herd depends on your breeding goals. We can discuss your goals and pick a plan best for you.